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Govt. to Introduce Auto-Disable Syringes in 2020

auto-disable syringes

Dr Zafar Mirza—the Special Assistant to PM on National Health Services has said that the federal government has done the planning for introducing the auto-disable syringes in 2020 for curbing the spread of infections and diseases caused by the repeated use of syringes, as per the reports of local media.

He said that the government was taking all possible measures for assuring the coverage of health universally. He also said that giving priority to the health department was the topmost priority of the incumbent government.

He added that by the end of the first quarter of 2020, they hope to evacuate entirely the disposable syringes in the private sector hospitals and replace them with the auto-lock syringes.

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Dr Mirza was of the opinion that the reuse of the syringes was a major cause of the viral diseases among children.

He urged the pharmacists to play their required role in educating the general public on injection safety as well as on the adverse reactions of drugs.

He said that the use of the same syringe should be discontinued for more than one patient even if the needle is changed. Multi-does’ vials should be completely avoided when possible.

The health minister added that the up-gradation of the Maternity Care Hospital Aabpara has been done.

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