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Govt to introduce a bill to protect women and children rights

Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government will introduce a bill for the protection of women and children. He said this while addressing a joint sitting of the parliament.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Rape should be viewed as something that destroys lives. In our culture, families suffer and the children, especially, have life-long trauma.”

Imran Khan said that the government will have have a three-tiered approach. “Firstly, we will have a national register for sex offenders in line with global practice. They are usually repeated offenders.”

The Premier said, “Just like Abid, the primary accused in the Motorway tragedy, he was involved in a gang rape in the past but was able to get away with it.”

PM Khan said that there are many incidences that are not reported.

Adding, “It will not only focus on exemplary punishment but also conviction, to begin with, which is not easy. The kind of evidence required is very difficult to put forward.”

PM said, “We always get to find a small number being reported.” He said that soon the bill to address the rape issue will be presented in the parliament.

Furthermore, he said that it is very difficult for a victim to stand in the witness box and give a statement, thus “comprehensive legislation” will be introduced that would keep these points in mind.

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The Prime Minister said, After watching the attitude of the opposition on legislation relating to FATF, it has been proved that the national interests and interests of the opposition leaders are contradictory to each other.”

He said that the government is ready to work with the opposition for Pakistan’s sake, however, there would be no compromise made on corruption.

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