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Govt. to Install e-Machines on 15 Shrines for the Automatic Collection of Donation

e-Machines on 15 Shrines

For controlling the corruption in donation collection, the Awqaf Department of Punjab has taken the decision of installing automated computerized machines on as many as 15 shrines throughout the province.

Installed under a scheme the machines are anticipated to systemize the process of donation, it would be reducing the chances of fraudulent activities.

In the initial phase, the devices would be installed in the 15 shrines across the province which includes Pir Makki, Shah Dola in Gujrat, Bibi Pak Daman, Hazrat Miyan Mir, Multan’s Shah Shams Tabrez, Shah Rukn-e-Aalam, Shah Dola in Gujrat.

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They would be needing a thumb impression for receiving the donation and would maintain the record automatically.

The measure has been taken after an audit report, that was done last year, revealed the fraud of nearly 15 to 20percent in the total donation collection.

As per the available reports, the Awqaf department services gets a yearly revenue of more than Rs.900 million from the 543 shrines throughout the province. The Data Darbar of Lahore gets nearly Rs.350 to 380 million alone in a single year.

But the experts are of the belief that the experiment had limited chances of success for certain reasons. These machines cost around Rs.1.6 to 2.5 million and demand a non-stop supply of electricity for maintaining the record, which is impossible in most of the cities. Furthermore, the device would be unable to keep a track of the donations in the absence of power.

The Awqaf department, on the other hand, said that they have not yet finalised an agreement with the firms and would only be doing do after the analysis of the performance of the gadgets.

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