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Govt. to Empower People at Gross-Root Level; Says PM

gross-root level

Prime Minister—Imran Khan on Sunday said that the present government would be introducing a local government system that would be empowering the people at the gross-root level.

In a message on social media, the PM said that the country has been put on the right track.

He mentioned that Pakistan Clean and Green Index is being introduced for making the city of the country clean and green. Initially, he said that the index would be ranking the 19 cities as per their facilities.

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PM Khan said that for the first time in the span of 4 years the present account deficit has surged.

While addressing a public gathering in Mianwali on the 22nd of November, PM Khan had said that the local government system envisioned by the incumbent government for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab would be empowering from the ground up.

He also said that the local government elections would be conducted in the span of the next few months.

Prime Minister also mentioned that under this system, the finance commissions would be formed in the provinces which would distribute the finances to the district and village level.

PM Khan said that the non-party local bodies’ elections would be held in the villages which would empower the locals to monitor the health and education facilities. Direct elections would be held in the cities where the Nazims would be elected and made responsible for addressing the issues of the people.

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