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Govt to Develop an App as an Alternate for WhatsApp

Alternate for WhatsApp

In this era of government and personal leak of data owing to the advancements in the information technology and its high usage in daily, the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has taken the decision of developing its own messaging app for communication between the state institutions.

The application would be a replacement for the present available third-party services application which includes WhatsApp.

As per the report released after the cabinet meeting led by PM Khan, the application would be called the Govt. App. The report further mentions that this app might be developed and all the communication regarding the government, if need be, might be undertaken using the said application instead of any other OTT services like Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. The data would then be stored in Pakistan the report further indicated.

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This would be a great accomplishment for Pakistan and a big advancement towards its independence from foreign messaging applications. The communication between the government officials or organizations is mostly private, hence a state cannot afford the leak of such confidential or sensitive information to its enemy,

Pakistan just like any other country government makes use of the Blackberry encryption for sensitive data sharing. The complete data would be located with the new system that the government is intending to launch. Only the government of Pakistan would have the complete power and control over the data.

The focus of the present government is on the development of the country via technology. They know that technology is the future and it could be a great tool for regulating the government authorities.

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