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Govt. to Cut Prices of 4 Most Used Pulses

4 Most Used Pulses

Govt. to reduce the prices of the 4 most used pulses in the country.

In light of the latest wave of inflation, the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is considering many steps for damaging control.

For offering some relief to the common people, the government has taken the decision of reducing the prices of the 4 most used pulses which are Dal Mash, Dal Moong, Dal Chana and Dal Masoor in the government-owned utility stores.

The new rates these pulses are anticipated to be–Dal Chana price to be Rs.90, Dal Mash to be Rs.145, Dal Masoor to be Rs.120 and Dal Moong to be Rs.100.

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A decision was also taken to surge the local production of these grains and decrease the import bill by a drastic Rs.1 billion.

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research has been inquired to confirm the production cost and the profit of the farmers before fixing the indicative price of these grains.

According to sources, the government intends to buy at least 30 per cent if the locally bought pulses through Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Service Corporation (PASCO) for ensuring continuous supply to the utility stores.

The measure is anticipated to offer relaxation to the public in mid of the inflating prices.

It is important to mention that the government had made the announcement to release Rs.6 billion for the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) last month for controlling the surging prices.

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