Govt to Construct 4 Housing Projects in 3 Major Cities

housing projects

It is in the plans of the federal government to start 4 low-cost housing projects in 3 major cities of Pakistan which are—Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in alliance with the private sector.

As per sources, the employees of the federal government Housing Foundation—an organisation that is working under the federal ministry of Housing and Construction is working on starting the high-rise projects as part of the Naya Pakistan initiative in the aforementioned cities.

2 of the projects, consisting of 500 housing units and 2,700 housing units would be built at 2 places in Lahore while 4,000 housing units would-be built-in Karachi under a joint project.

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At the Katcha area, the 500 housing unit project of Lahore would be constructed, while the 2,700-housing unit project would be built at Manga Utara area.

The verification process for the title is underway these days. The third project is under consideration in the city of Peshawar. It would be constructed at the Balarazai area on over 3,500 kanals.

The Karachi project would be constructed at Jam Chakro area near Surjani Town on an area of 184 kanals.

The federal government employees of the housing foundation have already received clearance for the piece of land in Karachi from the revenue authorities.

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