Govt. to Automate Petroleum Sector to Streamline Fuel Supply Nationwide

petrol pumps

The Petroleum Division has asked the acclaimed energy and technology experts to conduct a technical assessment of the technology sector. The aim is to automate the petroleum sector.

The automation system will record real-time data of the daily sales once it is developed. This step will help in streamlining the fuel supply nationwide. It will also allow the oil sector to become self-sufficient. Also, it will help Pakistanis save billions on its yearly petroleum import bill.

A senior Petroleum Division official privy to the development said that the government is currently working on a multi-pronged strategy to upgrade the oil and gas sector in Pakistan. It includes ensuring that there is uninterrupted fuel supply all over Pakistan by making a record of the daily sales of oil depots and petrol pumps. Also the government plans to increase technical and professional capacity of OGRA.

A bill has been drafted by the Petroleum Division in this regard that will legally bound the oil depots and petrol pumps to permit the government to record daily sales once signed into law.

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Also, oil depots and petrol pumps will have no other choice but to abide. If they refuse to do it, OGRA would be legally authorized, to close the disputing depots and pumps and revoke their licenses.

“The government wants to end the issue of fuel hoarding forever. It would not be tolerated that some OMCs curtail supply to petrol pumps whenever the government reduces the oil prices to pass on the benefit to the common man but they start their routine business after a surge in petroleum prices to make a quick buck.”

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