Govt. Tells NEPRA To Increase Electricity Price By 0.92 Rupees Per Unit

Electricity Rate

The government has asked NEPRA to increase the electricity prices in the context of monthly fuel adjustment. According to the report, the prices are likely to be increased by 0.92 Rupees per unit as the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has filed an application in NEPRA in this matter.

According to the application, seven billion and 720 million units of electricity were generated in January, costing Rs51.66 billion. The fuel cost of electricity production was estimated at Rs5.75 per unit but it consumed fuel as Rs6.68 per unit.

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The most expensive electricity was generated through diesel at a cost of Rs18.94 per unit while generation through furnace oil cost Rs12.34 per unit. Electricity production through LNG cost Rs8 and through natural gas Rs7 per unit. Line losses cost 27 paisas per unit. NEPRA will organize a hearing on the 25th of this month about raising the electricity prices.

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