Govt. Surges Profit Rates on National Saving Schemes certificates

National Saving Schemes certificates

On Thursday, the government has issued a revision of the profit rates for the National Saving Scheme certificates.

As per the share details, the profit on the Defence Saving certificate has been revised to 9.42 percent from 8.49 percent. Similarly, the profit on the Regular Income Certificates has surged to 9 percent from 8.04 percent.

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The profit rate on the Special Savings Certificates has surged from 7.77 percent to 7.97 percent while the profit rate increase on the Behbood Saving Certificates has been from 10.32 percent to 11.28 percent.

The profit rate has also been surged on the Pensioners Benefit Accounts from 10.28 percent to 11.28 percent. The profit rate has also surged on the Shuhada Family Welfare Account to 11.28 percent from the earlier 10.32 percent.

The profit rate on the savings account would remain at 5.5 percent.

The notification that has been issued by the ministry of finance would come into effect from the 21st of January.

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