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Govt. Slows Down Expending on the Uplift Projects

The government seems to have slowed down the financial spending on the development projects underway to get control on the country’s financial deficit.

On Friday the Planning Commission informed that as of 12th January the government has expended rupees three hundred and forty-four billion for the public-sector development programmes (PSDP) or approximately around 34.4 % from the total allotted number of rupees, one thousand and one billion.

Same time last year that is 13th January 2017 the expenditures for the PSDP was at rupees three hundred billion or approximately around 37.5% from the total allotted rupees of eight hundred billion.

As per the approved expenditures plan the government should have given out around forty percent of the allotted amount during the first half of the year or around rupees four hundred billion.

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As per the disbursements plan a payment scheme of rupees thirty billion was to be made in the first quarter of the present fiscal year for the community development projects upon the recommendations of the parliamentarians referred to as the PM’s Global SDGs Achievement Programme and rupees 9.2 billion for the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme.

The Prime Minister’s SDGs Achievement Programme comprises of the small projects for the benefit and upgrade of the community made on the suggestions of the lawmakers for improving the living standards for the citizens via road, water supply and sewerage projects.

The Planning Commission revealed data indicates that all the federal ministries have been granted the number of rupees ninety-two billion in the first half of the year, which accounts for twenty-nine percent from the allotted amount of rupees three hundred and twenty-one billion reserved for them.

Additionally, rupees thirty-three billion were also expended from the rupees seventy-one billion block allotments made for three special divisions under the federal government’s fiscal control—namely Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and FATA (the Federally Administered Tribal Areas).

As per the approved disbursement scheme twenty percent each of the allocated funds were needed to be granted in the first two quarters and thirty precent each in the remaining two quarters of the current financial year.

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