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Govt. Sets 20-point Policy Agenda for Ramazan Congregation prayers

On Saturday, both the government and religious scholars agree to set a 20-point policy agenda for the congregational prayer and namaaz-e-Taraweeh in Ramazan in the middle of coronavirus crises.

Today at the Presidential House a meeting was chaired by President Arif Alvi with the Religious Scholars. Both of them decided to allow prayer and Taraweeh on a few conditions.

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In the meeting, the president said that all the mosques and Imam bargahs in Pakistan are now allowed to conduct the congregational prayers of Ramazan with special SOPs. He gave out 20-points which carried some rules which should be followed by all the residents and the mosque management.

The president listed down all the points in the meeting according to which; there will no carpets laid in the imam bargahs or mosques, people will bring their own mats from their homes. Prayers will be offered on the plain floor with a six feet distance between every person, and no sort of gathering will be allowed after the prayers.

Everyone is advised to wear masks in mosques and perform Wuzu from their homes. The president also asked the mosque management to wash all the carpets and floors with chlorine mixture and disinfectants.

He also urged all children and people above the age of 50 should perform prayer at home. Especially those who are suffering from flu, fever or cough should not come to the mosques.

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