Govt. Proposes a New Law regarding Family and Property


On Monday, Dr. Farogh Naseem the Federal Minister for Law and Justice proposed a new law to Prime Minister Imran Khan about family and property. Moreover, the law also suggests the rights of parents about their exile of or by children and their spouses and the protection of the rights of parents living with their children.

According to the details, Dr. Naseem informed the premier that the suggested law will focus on 3 foremost points: firstly, Children who own houses should be forbidden from expelling their parents. Secondly, if parents own a house, they should have a right to evict their disobedient children and their spouses through a simple procedure that includes police involvement. Lastly, if a house has been built using parents’ or grandparents’ assets but has been registered in the names of the owners’ children, necessities should be made for the parents for the duration of their life.

On the other hand, Dr. Naseem said that the ordinance is decisive and its announcement will earn the prayers of parents for the premier, the Minister of Law, and the entire cabinet.

Furthermore, PM Imran Khan approved the proposal and asked the law minister to prepare the draft as soon as possible.

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