Govt Plans to Reimburse Rs.2.8billion Gas Inflated Bills Before Winters

gas inflated bills

The government has taken the decision of reimbursing an amount of Rs.2.8billion, charged extra because of the unusual pressure factor by the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited—SNGPL for gas consumers before the upcoming Winter season.

OGRA, following the calculation, had suggested that Rs.2.8billion were charged additionally from the consumers, and on this, the government has issued the reimbursement orders.

However, the matter is currently pending with a court and as soon as the case is disposed of, the reimbursement would be made, as informed by a senior official aware of the petroleum sector developments.

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He said that OGRA and SNGPL had been given instructions to get the case disposed of at the earliest. He further said that the overcharged amount would be returned as soon as the case is discharged, which as per his hopes would be done before the approaching winters.

After the complaints of the inflated gas, the government had directed 3 inquiries which include an internal audit, by a chartered accountants’ firm—AF Ferguson and the inspection team of the PM Khan.

The concerned quarters had examined the readings of the gas pressure for the months of December-2018, January-2019 and February-2019 for determining the pressure factor in the inflated bills.

He also informed that companies are carrying an anti-gas theft drive with zero tolerance throughout the country, which assisted in bringing down the UFG ratio significantly and in saving millions of rupees.

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