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Govt. Plans to Develop A Cellphone Manufacturing Industry in Pakistan

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Government has got the plans of developing a cellphone manufacturing industry in Pakistan.

Abdul Razak Dawood, the adviser to the minister on Textile, Commerce, Investment and Industries this Tuesday said that the government is committed to establish and promotes mobile manufacturing industries in Pakistan.

While chairing a meeting regarding this manufacturing policy which is prepared by (EDB) Engineering Development Board, Razak Dawood said that this policy would become a way of attracting new investments. Also it will make Pakistan a global player for electronics manufacturing and it will help in generating employment.

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The statement issued by the adviser highlighted that this draft policy envisions enticement in local manufacturing which will divert the focus from exporting cellphones from completely built units to semi-knocked down and completely knocked down condition.

The statement further highlighted that the main focus of this draft policy is import substitution, technology transfer and the generation of employment.

The ministry of industries said that the collection of imported devices will be substituted by import of CKD kits on rationalized duty structure and the enhancement of duty on CBU imports. Hence making local manufacturing possible in relation to the imports of mobile devices in CBU conditions.

This policy will attract foreign and domestic investments in engineering sector. For this reason, Dawood recommended the foreign and domestic companies to invest in manufacturing of electronic goods as much as they can in order to get high return on their investments.

In order to help developing industries of manufacturing mobile phones, many special economic zones were providing financial and technical support through different motivations for example by granting duty exemptions on parts which are used to build phones, tax holidays and many other electronic goods.

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