Govt Plans to Ban Plastic Bags in Islamabad from August 14 – Research Snipers

Govt Plans to Ban Plastic Bags in Islamabad from August 14

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The government would be imposing a ban on the use of plastic bags in the capital city from the 14th of August this year.

This information was shared during a meeting that was led by the Prime Minister Imran Khan on Climate Change in Islamabad on Friday.

The meeting was also briefed that the rules and regulations of this effect have also been drafted.

The meeting also discussed the progress of the ten billion tree plantation campaign.

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The PM was also provided details about the electric vehicle policy.

In the meeting, PM Khan was also told about measures being taken for curbing the smog in the province of Punjab.

For the protection of the environment, the Lahore government has also taken a step and has decided to replace the use of plastic bags with tote bags.

A campaign was also organized by the Lahore government for spreading awareness for the use of such products which are environmental-friendly and barred the use of plastic bags in 30 Ramazan Bazaars.

For protecting the drainage and sewerage system, it is crucial to place a ban on the protection, use and purchase of plastic bags as mentioned by the CBC as these bags destroy the sanitation system and are highly poisonous for the environment.

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