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Govt. Passes Bill to Prohibit CNG Kits Usage in Public Transport

CNG Kits usage

Government has passed a bill to bar CNG kits usage in public transport.

A bill entitled as ‘CNG kit and cylinder Fitness Authority Act’ has been passed by the government which will soon be upon the table of the Provincial Assembly for approval, as informed by an official of the provincial assembly on Thursday in Sindh High Court. The court was hearing appeals for banning the use of CNG cylinders and kits in the school vans and public transport.

CNG kits have been banned in July this year due to the mishap that happened in a school van in which around 2 dozen burn injuries were reported.

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The ban imposes that there will be no usage of gas kits in the vans/buses especially which are used for the transportation of schools, colleges, and universities. This challenge was put forward by the All Pakistan CNG Association in the court.

The previous hearing in the court briefed the steps that are going to be taken by the Sindh government for articulating a law in this regard.

 The Supreme Court had already laid down a mechanism associated with CNG kit and cylinders, as informed by Justice Mohammad Ali Mazhar. But unfortunately, the directions have not been implemented in its letter and spirit.

Dr. Najeed DSP Traffic proposed the idea to use the school vans as commercial vehicles so that the vehicles would be identified with any problems timely.

A notification has been issued to the chief inspector explosive for seeking assistance on this issue.

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