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Govt Officials Advised Not to Use WhatsApp


Ministry of Information Technology Pakistan has barred the higher Pak officials from sharing any government documents over WhatsApp. Following the NSO Group’s alleged attack on WhatsApp, this step has been taken by Ministry of Information Technology.

Back in May, the debate started regarding the security of WhatsApp being compromised. There is a buffer overflow weakness of WhatsApp that enables the NSO Group to plant spyware in over 1400 devices. Out of these few of them are allegedly from Pakistan.

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Facebook filed a lawsuit against the NSO group back on 29th October claiming that NSO sold a hacking platform in different countries including Pakistan. The platform used the buffer overflow flaw of WhatsApp and allowed clients to hack into cellphones between a timeframe ranging from 29th April 2019 to 10th May 2019.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology issued a letter on 8th Nov 2019, asking higher officials not to use WhatsApp for official communication. The officials have been asked not to share classified info over WhatsApp, upgrade their WhatsApp to the latest version and replace their phones in case they were purchased before 10th May 2019.

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