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Govt of Sindh to Take Back the Decision of Closing Private Schools in Residential Areas

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The Sindh government has taken back the decision of closing down the private schools and businesses functioning in the residential areas.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab—the Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh on Wednesday said that the government has got no plans of launching a crackdown operation against the private schools opened in the residential areas.

He further said that no such plans were discussed and that the schools should continue on with their educational activities without having any kind of fear.

After the decision of Sindh government to close private schools in the residential areas there was a panic situation among the school owners and the parents. The news surfaced that the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) would be acting against the private schools after winter vacations.

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A notice was issued by the SBCA in which all the school owners were warned to move their schools and tuition academies from residential areas within thirty days or such buildings would be locked down.

The notification also warned people carrying business or commercial activities in spite of having approved building plan or land status.

Saeed Ghani—the local government Minister of Sindh said that the notice was given out of some confusion and that no such plan was under consideration.

The minister though gave advise to the school owners and tuition academies for getting their buildings regularized by the building control authority.

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