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Govt Now Permits the Construction of High-Rise Buildings in Islamabad

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Height restrictions are no more to be placed on the construction of high-rise buildings in the federal capital. The government has permitted the construction of skyscrapers in Islamabad. On Tuesday the federal cabinet allowed it.

According to reports, Fawad Chaudhry—the Minister of Information mentioned at a press conference that height restrictions have been lifted as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been given the instructions that the cities should be built in a vertical fashion.

The government has also given orders to the CDA and to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to present a plan for permitting the making of high-rise buildings.

The Information Minister went further and informed that NOCs—non-objection certificates would no more be needed by the industrialists before they start building the skyscrapers. He also said that he is hopeful that the decision would bring in more investments and investment opportunities in the nation.

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Prime Minister—Imran Khan took the decision to raise the buildings vertically in the capital city owing to the increasing population while assuring that the city remains green.

Earlier this month, PM Khan presented his vertical cities vision and informed that the government was under the process of forming such laws that would be promoting the culture of the making of high-rise buildings in order to allow more green spaces.

He said that the arable land of Pakistan is coming to an end owing to the making of housing societies and has adverse results for the food security in the future.

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