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Govt Ministries to Get E-Offices


For ensuring efficiency, good, accurate, accountable and transparent system in decision making and delivering efficient and affordable public services to the Pakistani citizens, the federal government is considering introducing e-offices in all government ministries across the nation.

The Senate Committee on Information and Telecommunication have all agreed to suggest all the Senate Committees for taking feedback of their respective ministries and e-offices.

The ministry has been told that out of the 23 schemes suggested by the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), 8 schemes are presently up and are operating whereas 15 schemes are yet to come. For all these projects a total of 16,475million rupees have been asked out of which 9,814million rupees would be applied to the new schemes and 6,661million rupees would be stored for the new schemes to come.

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Additionally, the committee was told that the major project of the ministry for ensuring e-offices in all the government departments is in process. In this project, 27 ministries out of 45 have already attained level 2 of the e-office setup and 15 ministries are still in the process.

The e-offices project also includes the automation of the Parliament records.

The meeting was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of the Senator Rubina Khalid.

The committee also discussed the lack of proper telecommunication services by the telecom firms in Malakand Division. They asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and USF to assure that proper services are provided in the region. They also urged to take strong steps against the firms who are not providing the services.

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