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Govt Might Consider to Further Rationalize Taxes on Mobile Cards

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As per the latest development, the government might consider to further rationalize taxes on mobile cards in the upcoming Finance Bill 2019-20.

Supreme Court took the Suo Motu notice and directed the suspension of the deduction of taxes on prepaid mobile phone cards back in the month of June 2018. This measure was taken under the guidance of the ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan—Mian Saqib Nisar. But sadly, the taxes have been restored on April 25.

As per the official documents submitted in the Parliament, the Finance Ministry has mentioned that further rationalization of taxes on the mobile phone cards may be taken into consideration in the upcoming Finance Bill.

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The Ministry has denied a query while adding that it is not true that there is a 50percent tax on buying of a Rs100 phone card. The ministry further said that there is no huge tax being charged.

The apex court of Pakistan has restored all the taxes on the mobile phone cards on the 25th of last month, but a feeling prevails among the mobile subscribers that the cellular firms have surged the voice call and SMS tariff.

The issue was also raised in the Senate Standing Committee’s last meeting on Information Technology and Telecommunication that was held last week.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority—PTA has given assurance that a surge in tariff is permitted. He also said that there is a proper system for increasing the tariff and if any of the cellular firms, breaks the rules, action would be taken against them.

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