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Govt Likely to Tighten Screening of the International Passengers

international passengers

Government is likely to tighten the screening of international passengers.

Passengers while departing from the country and also on arrival would have to give details of the items they are carrying and also would be required to reveal the reason behind their travel as the federal government has prepared a draft of rules to abide with the guidelines of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Other than this, Pakistanis who stay abroad for more than 7 days would no longer be able to bring a cell phone with them without paying duty and taxes.

As per the available details of the prepared draft, the FBR is making changes in the Baggage Rules 2006 and is including Rule 7 A which mentioned that the ones coming to Pakistan and the ones leaving the country would have to submit a declaration of the items being carried at the airport for which a separate Annexure C is being introduced.

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As per the annexure, all the needed information and documents would have to be provided. Passengers would be needed to submit their name, date of birth, nationality, sex, passport number and the country from where they are arriving and if they are travelling to another country then the name of the nation they are visiting as well as the names of the countries they visited in the past 7 days.

They would also be required to reveal the items they’re carrying like any phones, weapons, narcotics, firearms or any substance that is banned. Jewellery, foreign currency and precious stones details would also need to be shared.

Pakistan has until the month of October to improve its counter-terror financing operations in accordance with the action plan.

Pakistan has been on the greylist since June 2018 for having insufficient measures for controlling terror financing.

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