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Govt Likely to Announce Friday as Weekly Off

Friday as weekly off

The government might announce Friday as weekly off day instead of Sunday.

As per sources, the government is likely to take this decision for further strengthening the business ties with the Arab nations, particularly with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

It is to be observed that Sunday is off in Pakistan on a weekly basis, whereas the Arab countries observe Friday as the weekly off day due to which the business sectors of both the nations have got the chance of working only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which significantly decreases the business activities among these nations.

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Business and trade agreements of billions of dollars are to be inked between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and keeping this in view the Government of Pakistan might ponder upon the possibility of announcing Friday as the weekly off day.

As per the recent updates the Saudi Crown Prince is in Islamabad alongwith his delegation. He was given a historic welcome. The Prime Minister of Pakistan drove the Saudi Prince from the airport the PM House himself.

This is the first state visit of the Saudi Prince after getting crowned. This visit is expected to boost economic situation of Pakistan.

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