Govt Issued Warning About Women Try-Rooms in 58 Shopping Malls

Women need to be super careful and cautious when using trial rooms at various garment stores or shops, especially in Faisalabad. An investigation team has declared many shops situated in multiple malls as unsafe. The Punjab Government warned about try-rooms situated in fifty-eight shopping malls being insecure.

The development came after a case was brought to the police after which the police arrested two men apparently involved in installing the hidden cameras inside a women’s try-room in one of the shops in Faisalabad.

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Once the case was registered and came into knowledge, the government of Punjab made a six-member team for inspecting the trail rooms of all the clothing outlets. The team visited and inspected shops at fifty-eight shopping malls of the city and drafted a report. The report revealed some shocking results.

In the report, it was revealed that women try-rooms in fifty-eight inspected shopping malls are susceptible to the CCTV cameras. During the inspection, there were holes detected in walls of the trial rooms and complex ceiling structures were also found which could perfectly be used for installing the hidden cameras.

All the clothing outlets have been instructed to improve the structure of their women changing rooms by the inspection team. The clothing shop owners are also told to abide strictly by the verdicts or strict action would be taken against the ones non-complying to the directions.

Names of the shops and shopping plazas are not yet revealed.

The privacy of women in clothing stores has become a major issue these days. Another woman reported that while trying clothes at an outlet of a famous clothing brand in Karachi near Ocean Mall on Tuesday she found an attendant hiding inside the cupboard of the ladies changing room.

She added that when she was about to change clothes, she noticed some movement in the cupboard door which was reflected in the mirror.

She said that the incident was witnessed by everyone and the manager assured that he would be firing the accused.

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