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Govt. is Introducing New Waste Management System

new waste management system

The government is launching a new waste management system in the country in order to end sanitation and waste management misery all at once.

One of the PM’s advisors Malik Amin announced it in a recent ceremony that took place in Islamabad with the UNICEF’s (United Nations Children’s Fund) Sanitation market-shaping workshop.

 This workshop aimed to invite all private investments in the sanitation sector.

While delivering the address he said that the sanitation is an untouched market which includes huge business opportunities for private investors also it can provide plenty of job opportunities in the private sector.

He declared sanitation as a critical issue which should have been addressed at the earliest.

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90percent of the wastewater is dumped untreated into the watercourses while 80percent of the solid waste is not even collected from the spots where they are dumped.

In order to get rid of this problem the advisor announced that the government is launching the Clean and Green Index next month as it was earlier decided by the Prime Minister.

The index would be addressing the issues of solid and liquid waste management, sanitation and cleanliness, he further added.

The index includes 35 quantifiable indicators which are based on the 5 pillars of clean green Pakistan Movement comprising safe drinking water, liquid waste management, solid waste management, tree plantation and total sanitation or toilets.

Malik Amin further explained that this index will bring a behavioural change for a Clean Green Pakistan.

This waste management and treatment has become a profitable business all over the world and in Pakistan, it has huge opportunities in the private region.

The advisor pledged the government’s full support to the society, private investors and other stakeholders undertaking the sanitation market.

Some other components of the Clean Green Pakistan index include environment-friendly electric vehicles, a Billion tsunami project and a complete ban on plastic shopping bags.

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