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Govt., IPPs Agree to Reduce the Electricity Tariff

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The Independent Power Producers (IPPs) have shown their consent and agreement to work unitedly with the government for controlling the electricity tariff.

As per a meeting that was held between the representatives of the Power Division and the IPPs, the decision of forming a joint technical committee was taken that would work out the ways of reducing the power tariffs.

Furthermore, the private sector has also given consent to review the capacity payment system during the meeting that was held under the Power Policy 1994 and 2002.

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If all goes well and the committee works on the vows it made, there would a significant boost for the businesses as well as for the normal consumers. The committee would be activated soon and would be submitting the initial report in the span of the next few days.

Omer Ayub, the Minister for Energy division, led the delegation of the federal government. He had been emphasizing during the cabinet meetings that the electricity tariffs has continuously surged in the past without any check or regulations. It was his idea to bring the Independent Power Producers on the table for a collaborative effort for decreasing the power tariffs.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the CM Sindh has taken the decision of setting uo 10,000 bed quarantine centres across the province amid the coronavirus crisis.

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