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Govt Invites Huawei to Establish a Manufacturing Plant in Haripur


The government of Pakistan in recent months has taken the decision of taking solid steps in the direction of economic stability. Among other plans, there is a plan to convince smartphone firms like Huawei to establish their manufacturing plants in the country in the expectation of lifting the local economy by providing employment opportunities.

In a statement that was issued during the Huawei Mobile Pakistan Summit on Monday, Dr Khalid Maqbool—the Minister for Information Technology said that the government has been given land in Haripur, where mobile manufacturers would be provided land for the local manufacturing.

The minister further said that the government intends to digitalize the economy of Pakistan within the next few years, which would need an output of 0.2million graduates in the sector of information technology. He stressed on the significance of acquiring this target by explaining on the role that mobile technology would play in critical areas like banking and education in the future.

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He was fully in the knowledge of the progress and development that Pakistan has made in the IT sector and he was also hopeful of continual progress as he considered it as important for transforming the nation in the Information Age.

Additionally, he was thankful to Huawei for organizing this summit and he was of the belief that it was an awesome opportunity for the professionals and enthusiast for interacting with each other and for promoting the developments in ICT.

Sun Xiao Feng—the Vice President of the Middle East Huawei was also present at the summit who talked about the advent of the 5G technology and its significance in the societies for the future.

Wang Zhihua—the Economic and Commercial Counsellor for Embassy of China further added that Huawei and other Chinese firms were definitely willing to make heavy investments in the country and that the two nations would hopefully be able to boost cooperation in the high tech and business division.

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