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Govt. Intends to Outsource Airport Management System

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The government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) intends to outsource the airport management system for improving the international terminals that impart an isolated look owing to the poor facilities.

PM Khan had sought a briefing session from the Aviation Division for outsourcing the management system, as per sources.

Officials informed that the present situation of the airports, especially at the international terminals was bad as it gives an isolated look in comparison to the other international cities.

At present, the government of PTI wants to work on a detailed policy for improving the international airports for involving all the stakeholders and technical professionals.

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The plan intends to bring improvement in facilities at the international terminals. There is a dire need for improving these facilities for promoting tourism, investment and a better image of the country, as informed by the officials.

The plan to outsource the airport management system of Pakistan is a part of the agenda of the government of PTI for bringing innovation and improvement at the international airports, as informed by an official at the Aviation Division.

The segregated regulatory structure for the aviation industry and the management and land function are under consideration and a report would soon be submitted to the PM within a month.

The spokesperson of the Aviation Division—Abdul Sattar Khokhar said that the plan is being discussed for outsourcing the system, but, the operation and the regulatory control would be kept with the government.

He informed that the maintenance of buildings, passenger service and parking would be outsourced to the qualified companies.

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