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Govt Intends to Introduce Low-Grade Petrol for Motorcycles

low-grade petrol

For the sake of providing an economical option to the bike owners and to make it possible for the old refineries to continue their operations, the government is planning to introduce low-grade petrol for the bikes.

Sources say that Imran Khan has ordered Nadeem Babar his special assistant to review the proposal on petroleum and launch 80-82 RON (Research Octane Number) petrol for two-wheelers.

The proposal has been put forward by one of the officials of (OGRA) Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

3 decades ago Pakistan has given up low-grade petrol. It also had switched petrol up to the international fuel standard approximately from 87RON-92RON petrol.

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The purpose of RON is to represent the quality of the fuel. The fuel which contains a higher number of RON is likely known to be cleaner and better in quality.

As per some petroleum official, many of the companies related to oil marketing doesn’t seem to be supporting this proposal of low-grade oil as they then have to invest for more nozzles for all the retail outlets and also separate storage tanks would be needed to keep maintaining the supply chain.

The committee standing with the petroleum proposal is going to take this matter in the Senate today.

The (PAMA) Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association is considering this scheme a huge step towards backwardness.

However, the introduction of low Research Octane Number would be causing an extreme reduction in the import bill and would utilize the old oil refineries.

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