Govt. Increases Salaries of Nurses

salaries of nurses

The Federal Government has increased the salaries of nurses. This decision has come as an Eid gift for all the people belonging to the nursing profession.

Dr Zafar Mirza, PM’s special assistant has stated that the monthly salaries of the nurses who are students too have been increased in the federal capital from Rs.6,800-Rs.20,000.

He also said that the nurses who currently working on the 16th grade, their pays have also been revised and increased up to Rs.8,000 from Rs.500.

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The dress allowance of the nurses has also ben surged to Rs.3,000 from Rs. 600.

According to Dr Mirza, the increase will cost the government around Rs.228 million every year.

The increased salaries for nurses would be put into effect from the start of the next fiscal year, as informed by Dr Mirza.

As per the prime minister’s statement, this is a great step towards granting incentives to the nurses as they are the spine in the health sector.

Governments first priority is to take care of it’s public’s health and so it will provide all possible facilities for improving the sector, said by Zafar Mirza.

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