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Govt Increases Metro Bus Fares

metro bus fares

The government of Punjab has increased the metro bus fares by Rs.10.

This has come as bad news to the passengers, as the metro bus fares have surged from Rs.20 to Rs.30.

The Punjab government has given approval to the new fares. The new fares would be put into effect from the 1st of July.

It was announced last month that government was soon to remove the subsidies on the metro bus fares. With the removal of subsidies it was expected that the fares would witness a sruge.

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The Punjab Mass Transit Authority—PMTA had suggested a surge of Rs.30 in the fares of Metro Bus. The PMTA had forwarded a summary to the Punjab cabinet, asking for a surge in the fares of the metro bus.

As per sources, with an increase of Rs.10 in the fares of Metro Bus by the government of Punjab the subsidy of the government to the service would decrease by 800 million.

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