Govt Inclined to Increase Pharma Business to Rs6bn

pharma business

The government is all willing to surge its pharma business to Rs6bn.

On Monday a meeting of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PPMA) was conducted under the supervision of Ali Muhammad Khan Mehr—the Narcotics Control Minister.

The meeting participants included the Ministry of Narcotics Control Secretary—Arif Nawaz and the delegation members.

On the occasion, a comprehensive briefing was given by the Director of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on the cold system and controlled material.

The minister talked about his inclination towards bringing a surge to the pharma industry business from three billion rupees to six billion rupees as the current government believes in the progress and development of the pharma industry.

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The ministry officials said that in spite of the issues of serious shortage of manpower, funds and space, the ministry and the anti-narcotics force were making collaborated efforts for vindicating the danger of drugs from the country.

The minister applauded the efforts of ANF in the demand of drug reduction, international cooperation and drug supply reduction for making Pakistan clean from the threat of drugs. He also gave assurance that he would be emphasizing on all the problems being faced by the ANF at the right forums for their solutions so that the efficiency of ANF could be improved to better handle with the situation on the ground.

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