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Govt. Imposes 6 Years Imprisonment for Chewing Gutka


Gutka can now lead you to imprisonment for about 1-6 years in jail, as per a new bill that has been put forward in the Sindh Assembly.

As per the bill, buying and selling of gutka at public places are proposed to be banned. These public places include hospitals, schools, colleges, and other places.

Any violations with this law will cost you Rs 500,000 penalty according to the proposal.

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Saeed Ghani Pakistan People’s Party leader and MPA Sindh Assembly said the ban was already imposed on Gutka but as there was no execution carried out, so now a bill has been passed in Sindh assembly.

The Sindh Cabinet has also imposed a ban on the chewing of Gutka, sheesha smoking and Mainpuri back in October 2016.

As per the latest developments, it is in the plans of the government to introduce a new transport service for the people of Karachi, entitled as “Edhi Line”.

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