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Govt House Murree Opens for Public

Govt House Murree

Sardar Usman Buzdar—the Chief Minister of Punjab on Monday inaugurated the Govt House Murree for the public.

While addressing the ceremony, the CM Punjab said that the facility of staying could be availed by depositing the charges. He further said that the inauguration of this boutique heritage resort for the people was a great occasion.

He added that the transformation of the government buildings into rest houses is the beginning of eradicating the VIP culture while the PM Khan has set an example of soberness by staying at his own home.

He said that to boost tourism was a topmost preference of the government of PTI and expressed disappointment that this sector was badly ignored in the past.

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The CM said that the decision has been made to make use of the government buildings which are of historic importance for the purposes of tourism and the Government House Murree has been given for unofficial use for the first time. He also informed that the golden jubilee of this historic building was held 15 years back and many international personalities have made their stay in this amazing building.

He added that it is an honor to stay in such an amazing building that is full of glory and the government does not want to restrict this privilege to its dignitaries only.

CM Punjab further said that 177 rest houses have been opened in the province by the Punjab government as the government wants to use all the available opportunities for boosting tourism as an industry.

He said that the tourist’s places of far-fetched areas which include that of Southern Punjab are being developed. He also told that tourism development cooperation’s resorts are being revamped in DG Khan.

He further mentioned that double-decker buses would soon be operated in Multan and DG Khan and hoped that a large number of both local and international tourists would be attracted via such steps for earning foreign exchange. CM Buzdar also said that this would also create employment opportunities for the area locals.

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