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Govt Forms Business Council for Creating Jobs and Boosting Exports

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The present government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday established a 22-member Business council of Leaders to obtain advice from the private sector for boosting exports.

As per a notification released by the Ministry of Commerce, the chairman of the council would be the prime minister and it would have representation from the leading divisions of the economy.

The maximum representation that the business council has got is from the textile sector and some of the council members were in a similar kind of committee that was formed by the previous government.

From the total of twenty-two members, twenty of them are from the private sector and the Adviser to the prime minister on Commerce—Abdul Razzak Dawood would be the council’s president.

The Ministry of Commerce would be providing secretariat support to the business council.

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The council of business leaders comprises of stakeholders from the private and public sectors and has been formed to get their input, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

It further added that a 22-member council would be led by the prime minister and would include leaders of the successful sectors.

The purpose or the role of the sector would be of giving business leaders access to an organized platform for giving feedback on the government’s investments, economics, business, tariff and taxation policies, as informed by the ministry of commerce.

The commerce ministry also said that the policymakers would attain from a variety of opinions while formulating and implementing the government’s agenda in regard to creating employment opportunities.

Additionally, the members would be required to give feedback for enhancing the exports, increasing the investment and for improving the comfort of doing business.

Among the twenty private sector members, four are from the textile sector, two from the cement sector and other members are from the automobile, sports goods, retail, logistics, engineering, petrochemical and computer businesses sectors.

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