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Govt Forced to Include Private Sector in Housing Project

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The government would be urged to include the private sector in order to fulfil its dream of building the housing project. Builders and developers in the provincial capital of Sindh—Karachi claimed that the dream of Imran Kahn—the present Prime Minister of constructing five million units could not be attained without involving the private sector into the plan, as to build one million houses in one year is not entirely achievable by the government alone.

It was demanded to the federal government by the builders and developers to provide special status to the housing project, in accordance with the status provided to Gwadar port and other export processing divisions in Pakistan, so that the builders could get tax incentives.

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An official of the builders and developers said that the prime minister’s decision of constructing five million houses would definitely be boosting more than forty to forty-two various industries. He added that they appreciate the prime minister’s decision as there was a need for four lac units per year and a shortage of 2.4 million houses.

The actual idea of a low-cost housing scheme was launched by Arif Jeewa, a prominent builder and businessman of the federal capital and also the Chairman of Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD). He informed to Imran Khan before the elections 2018 about a proposal of one million low-cost houses after 6 months of deliberations. The prime minister himself made the announcement to construct five million affordable houses during his five years tenure.

The members of ABAD are looking up at the government for receiving their share in the five million houses, however, are hesitant to participate with the government after the failure of Ashiana Housing Scheme in Punjab. The scheme is under investigation both by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

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