Govt. ensures to Provide Water in Mianwali


Earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the federal government has approved an Rs3.15 billion scheme to ensure the provision of water for residents of Mianwali.

The PM said this while addressing a ceremony at Cadet College Esa Khel, reports said.

PM Khan says that he is aware that the biggest problem of the people of Mianwali is water. When he used to visit the area 24 years ago, many people used to come to him and file complaints. Imran Khan said that he received the most complaints on water provision, followed by fake FIRs against farmers and education.

People told him that there were no teachers posted at the girls’ schools in the area. He further added that Punjab CM Usman Buzdar and I are working on a plan to hire teachers for schools here. We have to bring teachers and set up basic health units too.

Moreover, he said that many people ask me why he appointed Usman Buzdar as Punjab CM to which he replies that he did it because he has spent a lot of time in places such as Mianwali. People who haven’t been to these places, how will they know about the lives of the people here.

Dera Ghazi Khan is one of the most underprivileged areas in Punjab therefore we have to work on developing it too, the PM said.

According to him, the rulers in the past used to spend all the money in a few cities but that is not how countries develop. When we speak about the State of Madinah, there were many rules that people were required to follow there and one basic rule was that no one is above the law. People who looted the country have gone abroad and now consider themselves to be above the law, PM added.

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