Govt Decides to Restore Student Unions for the Political Grooming of Youth

Student Unions

PM Khan has made the announcement on Sunday that the government would be introducing a detailed and enforceable code of conduct for restoring and enabling the student unions that could play their part in positively grooming the youth as future leaders of the nation.

The prime minister posted on Twitter that they would be forming a detailed and enforceable code of conduct, making use of the best practices in the internationally renowned universities, so that they could restore and enable student unions to play their part in the positive grooming of the youth as future leaders of the nation.

He indicated that the universities groom the future leaders and student unions make a major part of this grooming.

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Unluckily, PM Khan regretted that in the universities of Pakistan student unions became violent and entirely destroy the creative atmosphere on campuses.

Previously, the Special Assistant to PM on Information and Broadcasting—Firdous Ashiq Awan tweeted that the young generation of the country is the most precious asset and hopes to brighten the future.

Awan said that the interpretation of the youth dreams is the mission of premier, adding that PM Khan has given an order for the resolution of the issues of the students.

The PM asked the provinces and federation to foresee strategies for the students. The demand for rights from the students is a good indicator which shows their consciousness and thoughtfulness.

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