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Govt Considers Plan for the Security of Highways

security of highways

The PTI government is considering to plan for the security of highways.

According to the suggestions forwarded by the Ministry of Communication, security necessities which include equipment support and logistics required by the people should be highlighted in PC-1 of the highway projects so that it could be made operational the moment they get completed.

The ministry has suggested that the equipment support and logistics for the highways must be planned in advance and laid down in the PC-I before the highways are constructed for avoiding unnecessary delays.

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As per sources the National highway Authority—NHA has been facing issues in assuring the smooth functioning of their projects because of the delays in the deploying the police equipment and logistics.

A 392-kilometer-long motorway starting from Multan all the way to Sukkur has been experiencing the same issue owing of which the NHA has not opened the road for the general public.

Some weeks back, a Senate standing committee was informed by the NHA officials that they do not have enough number of motorway police for accommodating to the security needs of the newly built roads.

According to the sources, there is a shortage of the police officers for the security of the various highways and motorways owing to which it has become an issue for the government to properly manage the newly built NHA projects for public traveling.

If the police logistic support is made as part of the PC-1, the sources say that the problem of unrequired delays could be managed considerably.

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