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Govt. Bans the Online Sale, Advertisement of Tobacco Products

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The government has placed a ban on the online advertisement of tobacco products and has stopped the tobacco firms from displaying the power walls and posters at their points of sale.

Dr Minhajus Siraj, the Director of the Tobacco Control at the Ministry of National Health Services during an interview said that according to the ban of smoking and protection of non-smokers health ordinance 2002, there is a bar on the advertisement of the tobacco products in the electronic and print media. He further said that the firms were permitted to show the power walls and posters of the tobacco products at the point of sale. He further added that now they would not be permitted to do so.

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He said that earlier the companies were given permission to display A-4 size posters so they used to paste tens of posters at each sale point. Furthermore, they used to paste these posters at the eye level of children so that they would be attracted to smoking.

Dr Siraj also said that it was also noted that a large percentage of people buy tobacco products online. He said that now no firm would be able to advertise the tobacco products online like on their websites or via the e-mails. He further mentioned that they would be playing a significant role to discourage people from purchasing tobacco products online.

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