Govt. Approves the Women’s Property Rights Amendment Bill 2020


Recently, the Women’s Property Rights Amendment Bill 2020 has been approved by the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice with majority votes.

As per the reports, a meeting was held in this regard which was led by Muhammad Javed Abbasi. The meeting was also attended by many officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Law and Justice.

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Abbasi while commenting on the bill introduced by Farooq Naek said that it was about the custodianship and welfare of the children.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Religious Affairs while opposing the bill stated that the courts is have made the decision on a case to cases basis. It further added that approving legislation regarding this matter can cause religious issues.

Moreover, the meeting also pondered over the bill initiated by Raza Rabbani about anti-government speeches.

The committee chairman questioned whether the cases should be registered while delivering anti-government speeches. He further asked that what should be the consequences if the law on this subject gets eradicated. Furthermore, Barrister Muhammad Ali Khan Saif asked if all the laws which are being misused should be abolished or not.

Any further discussion regarding the bill was postponed till the next meeting.

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