Govt Approves Rs2billion Ramazan Relief Package

Ramzan Relief Package

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet while pondering upon a summary of the suggested Ramzan Relief Package by the Ministry of Industries and Production on Tuesday has given it approval. The project costs Rs2billion.

As per sources, the Ministry of Industries and Production proposed ECC for adding 19 essential items, which included pulses of 4 types, squashes and syrups (800 and 1,500ml bottles), sugar, ghee, flour, rice, dates, white gram, baisen, spices, milk, oil and black tea in the relief package.

Sources said that the main objective of the subsidy is of ensuring the availability of essential items at reasonable rates for low-income families. They also revealed that the ministry also suggested the ECC to bring the Ramzan Relief package to effect from the 1st of May 2019, as the holy month would be commencing from the second week of May.

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Sources added that the cabinet in its meeting this Thursday would most probably be endorsing the decision of ECC regarding the Ramzan Relief Package.

They said that the Utility Stores Corporation is already working on the plan of procuring the much-needed items for meeting the deadline of 1st May. It was also informed that the ministry is forming a special monitoring plan for ensuring smooth provision of the subsidized goods at all the utility stores throughout the nation.

In the meantime, the ECC chaired by Finance Minister—Asad Umar gave approval to a supplementary grant of Rs1billion for the FBR to boost its revenue collecting capacity.

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