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Govt. Approves Plan to Decrease Govt. Departments

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Govt. has given approval to the plan of decreasing the government departments.

The federal cabinet has given approval to the committee’s suggestion that the postal services division would be merged with the ministry of communications and the textile division with the commerce ministry.

The implementation committee for reshaping the government departments has suggested unifying 19 sub bodies of the 7 ministries. It also recommended to transfer 9 subordinate departments of the 5 ministries to other ministries and dissolve the 5 departments of 3 ministries.

The approval has been given to the recommendations placed forward by the committee.

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As per the available reports, the committee submitted its report to the cabinet back in the month of October.

The committee forwarded its suggestions to the various ministries and divisions. The representatives of the various ministries were called to present their respective views. The representatives of all contacted departments agreed with the recommendations.

The committee asked some of the ministries to submit their reports after doing further consultation. As per the summary, the relevant ministries would be deciding the amendments in the business rules.

Back in October, the Adviser to the PM on Institutional Reforms—Dr Ishrat Hussain told the Senate committee that restructuring of the federal government was in line and the functional and legal classification of 441 institutions had been done.

He informed the committee that as per the survey findings only 342 institutions would remain with the federal government, while the rest would be collaborated or closed. The body was briefed that 8 institutions of the federal government would be closed.

But there would be no job reductions and the employees would be adjusted in other departments.

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