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Governor Punjab Rejects Meesha’s Appeal in Court ahead of Teefa in Trouble Release

Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment in April 2018. Meesha claimed that despite the fact that she is an empowered and accomplished woman, she was harassed by Ali multiple times.

Ali replied to these accusations and decided to fight this battle in court instead of social media.

Now just before the release of Teefa in Trouble Governor of Punjab ruled the case in favor of Ali Zafar and rejected Meesha’s appeal.

Look at this tweet: “@AliZafarsaysJustice served for Ali Zafar a night before Teefa in Trouble premiere! Meesha Shafi’s appeal rejected by Governor! Another victory for Ali Zafar”


Today Teefa in Trouble has released worldwide in around 25 countries. As it is being widely appreciated for its amazing cinematography and action sequences, a few people protested the release of the movie outside Karachi’s Nueplex Cinema.

Ali during the promotions of his movie addressed the accusations made by Meesha Shafi and said, “People will find out in time. With time everything comes out and the truth unveils itself. I, since day one, said that I will not fight this over social media as I will take the professional course and I have sought professional remedies and the due course of law shall give justice in time.”

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Ali was asked that whether its possible if he intentionally or unintentionally hurt her. To this, he replied “No. Never could that have happened because if it did she was a very close family friend, she used to come to our house, she was my wife’s friend. We had a concert together, and the jam that she’s talking about, that has a video and there were 10 witnesses and two witnesses out of that jam were women. They came out in the open and said that ‘we were there how could she even think and say this?’ I was hurt, since I’ve been working towards women empowerment.”

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