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Governor House Nathiagali to Open for Public

Governor House Nathiagali

It was announced by the Prime Minister—Imran Khan that Governor House Nathiagali would be opened for public.

The historical building of 8 rooms was constructed in the year 1023 and extends over 76 kanals. It is present 7,922 feet above sea level.

PM has taken the decision of opening all the government rest houses for the general public. These rest houses would now be available for booking by masses.

The decision would not just help in maintaining these historical sites but would also be providing revenue to the government.

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PM Khan also on Twitter shared a video of the historic building and the surrounding lush green area.

He said that these colonial symbols worth crores yearly to the taxpayer in maintenance are now going to make money for the government.

The step was taken by the PM however remained unsuccessful in getting laud from the opposition members.

Mariyum Aurangzeb—the spokesperson of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has criticized the government and has said that the opening of the state guest houses would not provide 10 million jobs and 5 million houses to the people.

She demanded the PM to make people free of his dictatorial mindset before opening the government-owned rest houses for them.

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