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Government Tracing App Mandatory for all Workers in India

It has been mandated by India that all the public and private sector employees use a government-backed Bluetooth tracing app. Also they have urged the workers to maintain social distance in offices as New Delhi has eased lockdown measures in areas with lower risks.

As per the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi India is to extend its lockdown for another two weeks to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. However “considerable relaxations” have been given in the lower-risk areas.

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India, in its combat against COVID-19 launched the app Aarogya Setu – meaning Health Bridge last month. The app is a Bluetooth and GPS-based system developed the National Informatics Centre of the country.

The app helps in alerting the users if they have come in contact the people who later contract COVID-19.

India’s Ministry of Home Affairs in a notification said, “Use of Aarogya Setu shall be made mandatory for all employees, both private and public.”

The ministry said that the heads of companies and organisations have to be responsible “to ensure 100% coverage of this app among the employees.”

The app till now has been downloaded 50 million times on Android phones. The compulsory use of the app is quite concerning to the privacy advocates as it is not clear how the data will be used.

Udbhav Tiwari, Public Policy Advisor for internet company Mozilla said, “Such a move should be backed by a dedicated law which provides strong data protection cover and is under the oversight of an independent body.”

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