Government to establish a task force for technology driven economy soon

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The government has highlighted the importance of being technology driven, knowledge based and agriculture based economy in order to compete at international level.

The Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar has stressed the promotion of science and technology which could provide innovative and creative solutions for the country and development of the society.

The minister for Planning had a meeting with former Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman and former minister for science and technology Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman. Mr. Rahman told federal minister that they are in the process of forming a new task force for technology-driven knowledge economy, the force will include all the stakeholders who will eventually create the roadmap for the policies and initiative that are necessary to be taken for the knowledge-based economy, he also said that he would be the vice chairman for that task force lead by the PM directly.

The task force will work on different key sectors including agriculture, IT, Energy and Water resources as well as the promotion of science and technology, he added.

The Minister said natural resources cannot work alone; we need a coordinated and integrated strategy to come up with quality human resources, industrial development, intellectual capital, and value-added production.

Knowledge is the major driving force behind the world leading economies, knowledge is vital for economic growth; Bakhtiar highlighted the need for demand-driven technologies which have a direct impact on the economy. He stressed on developing a synthesized approach which could build demand driven knowledge economy.

“Knowledge-based economy offers the landscape for sustainable socio-economic development and stresses on hi-tech manufacturing; the country would be able to boost exports with this economic model and exports would not only play an important role in economic growth but also tap huge market potential in the global economy.

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