Government to Build Fifteen National Parks in Pakistan


On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that the government will construct fifteen national parks in Pakistan.

This initiative will help all the jobless people to get employment. The Prime Minister also said while talking to all the four chief ministers and the officials of the Ministry of Climate Change that there is no use of the national parks unless the locals get benefit from them.

Margalla Hills National Park in Islamabad is the only place that remains a good national park, says PM Khan.

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Moreover, he said that many of the authorities are uninformed of the bylaws governing them and the destruction of the parks and other places id due to their lack of knowledge. Imran Khan advised them to take some help from the US officials and ask them how they preserve their parks so well.

Prime Ministers Imran Khan says that he has noticed that the authorities allow all cars to enter to places which are only for pedestrians. This shows how unaware the authorities are of the bylaws and regulations.

He further spoke about the presence of Ibex in Chitral, if the authorities had not decided to charge penalties for hunting the animals then the animals would have gone extinct.

Imran Khan asked all the chief ministers of every province to make a drafted plan for the cities so that the town planning can be done.

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