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Government to Begin Massive Crackdown against Plastic Bags Ban Violation


In Islamabad, the plastic bags were banned by the government from August 14th. The State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul announced the banning of plastic bags in the Capital. However, not every business, restaurant, café and company followed the orders of the government.

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On December 11th the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat tweeted, “Today is the last day of the soft campaign against Plastic bags in Islamabad. Alternate bags were provided and enough time was given for shifting to cotton bags. Now massive crackdown is starting all across Islamabad. Fines, Arrests and Sealing will be carried out as per law.”

The reason that the PTI government has banned plastic bags is that PM Khan wants to make efforts to tackle climate change. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is the 7th most-affected country from climate change primarily due to its geographic location.

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When the authorities initially placed a ban on plastic bags, they personally visited both small and big businesses including Punjab Cash and Carry, Centaurus Mall, MCC, Giga Mall, and many other notable firms to ensure that they have shifted to plastic bags. At that time the Savour Food employees attacked the government officials for barring them from using plastic bags but later that issue was resolved as well.

However, now as per the tweet of the Deputy Commissioner massive crackdown will begin all across Islamabad. The businesses who did not abide by the ruling will be fined, their employers will be arrested and their company will be sealed.

The irony here is that the ban has affected many households as most of the factories making plastic bags are now either closed or their employees have been downsized.

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